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IZOLYATSIA centre for cultural initiatives in Donetsk – formerly the largest factory making isolators in the USSR. Could there be a better location in Ukraine today for a literature festival entitled Language and Violence? Please draw your own parallels with the word ‘isolation’…



Language and violence in Donetsk

I’m in east Ukraine, where I’ll be participating in the first IZOLYATSIA literature festival in Donetsk, 23-25 April.

The topic, Language and Violence,  could not be more timely. I’m here to launch the Ukrainian translation of my book about Crimean Tatars, Dream Land. In a city that has been taken over by self-confessed pro-Russian separatists, in the week that Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Jemilev was denied access to Russian-controlled Crimea... It should be interesting.

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