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Back in print

Dream Land is back in print, after a short period of being unavailable. So if you have been trying to get hold of it recently and failing, please try again!

...and it now has the Amnesty logo on the cover!

…and it now has the Amnesty logo on the cover!

Anyone not wishing to support a certain Internet giant which doesn’t pay its taxes, but lacking a local English bookshop to turn to, now has the option of ordering Dream Land from ‘Cornucopia’ is a beautifully-produced magazine about Turkish (and Turkic) art, history and culture; its excellent current edition is dedicated to Crimea.


I’m so pleased to see my novel about the Crimean Tatars in the company of books dedicated to all things Turkish and Turkic. Turkic influence is only one aspect of the Crimean Tatars’ story, but I do feel that Dream Land sometimes gets  a bit lost on general YA fiction shelves amid all those future dystopias and paranormal romances…

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