About an ant

“In Islam there is such a story, one of the stories that convinced me. It’s called ‘About the ant’. It’s the story of when people decided to execute one of the prophets, by burning him alive on the square, in front of the people. And there was an ant that brought a drop of water on its back, to put out that huge bonfire. People asked the ant:

Where are you going?

– I’m taking water to put out that fire where they want to burn a righteous person.

– But how, with your drop of water?  How much water can an ant carry?

And the ant said: – I don’t know whether I can put out the fire. But I know that before God I’ve done what I can to prevent an injustice.”

There are few things more humbling than being told this story by someone who you know perfectly well – and know they know – is risking intimidation, torture, arrest, forced disappearance, for every drop of water that they carry.


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