But what about…

The hypocrisy and duplicity of Russia over its actions in Ukraine actually physically hurts.

Every time someone says to me ‘but it’s all because of those neo-Nazis in Ukraine’, ‘but Maidan did it first’, ‘but Crimea was always Russian’, ‘but if there are Russian soldiers in Ukraine, they are there voluntarily because the locals want them there – and anyway, what about all the Americans there?’ – it’s like being hit over the head with a blunt object.

Every time I hear ‘But what about…. what about… what about…’ from Churkin, from Putin, from Lavrov, I remember that Soviet disease I encountered all the time in state organisations when I first arrived in Post-Soviet Ukraine nearly twenty years ago: lying and evasion and being too scared to take responsibility for anything. I’m not to blame for my bad behaviour, because someone else behaved badly first. Always shift the blame.

I don’t encounter that disease so much any more in Ukraine, though of course it’s not gone. It is clearly still rampant in Russia.

There are brave people in Russia fighting the lies and the hypocrisy. There are human rights representatives and mothers speaking out about their lost sons in the Russian army who were forced to sign papers that they are ‘on leave’ before being sent to Ukraine, who are returning to be buried in unmarked graves.

Please, you people in the rest of the world who keep saying ‘but what about the neo-Nazis…  But what about…’  Well,  WHAT ABOUT THEM?

What about those mothers in Russia searching for their sons? What about all the 45 million or so non Neo-Nazis in Ukraine? What about the fact that two wrongs do not and never will make a right?




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