Is this incompetence, sabotage, or chronic self-interest?

Please someone correct me if I am wrong. I really want to be wrong about this.

 In the week Ukrainian President Poroshenko announced a new round of mobilisation, the Ukrainian parliament on Thursday failed to pass budget amendments on financing the army. That means as of 1 August there is nothing with which to buy bullet-proof vests, to buy helmets, to buy food and fuel. Nothing to pay the wages of mobilised soldiers who are defending Ukraine and dying daily.

On Wednesday this week, parliament failed to consider proposed law amendments affecting charities helping the army, refugees, and victims of the EuroMaidan protests. As a result, those Ukrainians who of their own initiative are collecting and giving money daily to buy the bullet-proof vests and helmets the government can’t supply, to provide food and medical kits, to provide prosthetics and psychological support to the wounded and aid to the ever-increasing number of families who have lost someone in this war, will see from 17 to 50 percent of donations taken away in tax. 

I understand that a government needs taxes to pay for its army and for relief of the social impact of war. But in this case the government is totally failing to pay for its army or for relief. Ukraine’s army is crowd-funded by individual Ukrainians. So by taxing charity donations the state is taking money away from the army in order to pay for the army. 

Oh, except that parliament just failed to pass amendments which would allow it to pay for its army. 

Please, tell me I’m wrong about this.      


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