What’s happening in Kiev

“Andrey is bringing food to activists on maidan everyday.”

“It’s been like a huge soup kitchen on maidan. Eveyone helping everyone else.”

“Another friend of mine is taking injured people from hospitals, where they’re in danger, and bringing them to the homes of people who are willing to shelter them”

“Ruslan went yesterday to donate blood after it was announced after the attack on the 18th that there is a huge shortage. There were a long queues, and all the blood banks were full by the middle of the day.”

“Lana took in four activists for a night from Maidan: they are from Lviv. She gave one man her dead husband’s clothes to change into, to disguise him.”

These are  just a few of many similar messages from or about friends in Kiev. None of these people are ultra-right nationalists. None of them are the extremists that the Ukrainian and Russian governments claim make up the opposition in Ukraine. They are ordinary, peaceful, decent people… They’re my friends.

They have been to Europe and know what life is like in the EU. They know it’s not perfect in England or France or Germany. But they’re still fighting and supporting the fight for a chance to live like people do in England or France of Germany, because it has to be better that this. Better than being shot at.

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